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Aviation Accident

Aviation Accident

Nolan Law Group’s aviation accident attorneys have successfully represented clients in almost every major air disaster in recent history. Our reputation for results spans the globe as we are active in nearly every part of the world obtaining justice for our clients. The Chicago-based aviation law firm is capable of handling all types of aviation accident cases in which catastrophic loss of life or personal injury has occurred as a result of negligence.

We are also currently handling plane crash litigation involving several small private and business aircraft accident cases, as well as many air cargo, military and helicopter cases.

It is important to understand that each aviation disaster is caused by a unique set of circumstances and factors. With more than two decades of experience navigating this complex and volatile area of litigation, our aviation accident attorneys intimately understand the uniqueness of every case and the issues associated with each case, including jurisdiction, venue, conflicts of law and, most importantly, the needs of the victims and families.

We are well-versed in the language, processes and inner workings of the federal and international agencies responsible for investigating air disasters and regulating air carriers. Our experience in negotiating this complex set of rules and laws which govern the airline industry gives Nolan Law Group a tremendous advantage when preparing a case. It is our complete understanding of this vast and ever-changing industry which allows our aviation lawyers to achieve such amazing results.

In just three of our most recent cases involving aircraft accidents, Nolan Law Group has obtained more than $80 million in settlements. We are extremely proud of the results that we obtain for our clients, and know that our work helps make the skies safer for everyone.