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Aviation Litigation

Dedicated, determined, and experienced, our aviation accident attorneys have represented clients in almost every major air disaster in recent history…

Traumatic Brain Injury

Smart, tough, and persistent, our brain injury attorneys have a proven track record for successfully demonstrating the depth and magnitude of our clients’ injuries to juries…

Pharma Litigation

Intelligent, astute, and convincing, Nolan Law Group is a proven leader in defective drug litigation. Well-versed in this complex and volatile area of law, our attorneys are capable of handling a wide range of claims…

Blog Highlights

December 31, 2014
A Regrettable Declaration
Nothing can be more dangerously arrogant than an airline publicly declaring a fatal accident involving one of its planes is inconceivable...
January 2, 2015
Blowing Up The Status Quo
How might the aviation accident investigation process be improved? That is the question the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) asked for public comments in an August 24 announcement...
December 30, 2014
A Deadly Disappearance That Should Be The Last
When we plop into our airliner seat and buckle the seat belt, we expect a rather boring journey to the destination, not a terrifying journey...

News from Nolan

July 18, 2014
Donald J. Nolan Interviewed on Fox News Discussing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 17
Donald J. Nolan was interviewed on Fox News discussing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH 17 on Friday July 18, 2014.