Wife of Afghanistan Plane Crash Victim Retains Aviation Attorneys

A Boeing 747 cargo plane, operated by National Air Cargo, crashed on takeoff from Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan on April 29th of 2013, killing all seven of its crew members. Among these crew members was Jamie Lee Brokaw (33) of Monroe, Michigan, a third generation pilot whose family’s aviation history stretches back to WWII. Brokaw was a member of the U.S. Air Force during Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom before becoming a commercial airline pilot in 2008 and a First Officer in 2010. Brokaw is survived by his wife Elizabeth, who has retained Nolan Law Group to represent it for claims arising from the fatal injuries he sustained in the crash.

The accident gained unusual international attention when footage of the crash was posted on the internet and speculation ensued as to its cause, as the aircraft attained a very steep nose-up attitude immediately after takeoff. The aircraft then rolled left and right and entered a stall, where it descended into the ground near the end of the runway. Mrs. Brokaw, confident of her husband’s knowledge and attention to safety are searching for further answers and placing liability, something government investigators are precluded from doing. The accident aircraft was originally manufactured as a passenger aircraft and converted to a freighter in December of 2007 by Boeing for Air France. This raises some serious concerns about the structural strength of the aircraft and floor, as well as issues about the cargo restraint systems. The plane’s cargo included extremely heavy vehicles, and although the total cargo weight was within proper limits, the individual restraint capabilities of such heavy vehicles have their own limits.

Well-known as an aviation law firm, Nolan Law Group has extensive experience in major air cargo crash litigation, having represented crew members in accidents both nationally and internationally. A few examples include Fine Air at Miami Airport in August 1997, Emery Worldwide near Sacramento, California in February 2000, and most recently the Kalitta Air Boeing 747 accident near Bogotá, Colombia in July 2008. The firm has also been active in other crash claims from Afghanistan including a previous National Airlines crash near Kabul in October 2010, and the successful resolution of claims arising from a fatal helicopter accident at Kandahar Air Field in July 2009. Brokaw is also survived by his step-daughter Chloe and parents Susan and Terry.