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Aviation Litigation Experience and Results

Aviation Litigation Experience and Results

Nolan Law Group helps individuals and families around the world after tragic events with loss of life or serious personal injury.

Our team of nationally- and internationally-recognized trial lawyers consistently develops winning litigation strategies in each of the cases we handle.

We have always recognized the individual needs of each client and the personal nature of their decision to seek full and fair compensation through the civil justice system. It is this complete understanding of the unique needs of every client which is reflected in the superior results which we obtain for them.

Our core practice area involves aviation accidents. Whether they be commercial, corporate, general, air cargo, military or helicopter crashes, our vast amount of experience among our aviation attorneys has consistently produced the results needed by our clients in the aftermath of unexpected tragedy.

Nolan Law Group Commercial Aviation Cases

Here is a list of some of the cases we have worked on.

  • AirAsia Flight 8501
    Java Sea; Airbus A-320
  • Malaysia Airlines Flight 17
    Hrabove, Ukraine; Boeing 777-200ER
  • Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
    Indian Ocean; Boeing 777-200ER
  • Asiana Airlines Flight 214
    San Francisco, California; Boeing 777-200ER
  • Makani Kai Air
    Kalaupapa, Hawaii; Cessna 208B
  • National Airlines Flight 102
    Bagram, Afghanistan; Boeing 747
  • Lion Air Flight 904
    Bali, Indonesia; Boeing 737
  • National Air Cargo Flight 662
    Kabul, Afghanistan; Lockheed 382E Hercules
  • Aeroflot Nord Flight 821
    Perm, Russia; Boeing 737-500
  • Air Angels HEMS Flight
    Aurora, Illinois
  • Centurian Air Cargo (Kalitta Air) Flight 164
    Bogota, Colombia; Peru; Boeing 747
  • Patagonia Airlines Flight
    La Junta, Chile; Cessna 208B
  • Kapowsin Air Sports Flight
    Naches, Washington; Cessna 208B
  • Southwest Airlines Flight 1248
    Chicago, Illinois Boeing 737
  • Ivolga-Avia Airlines Flight
    Moscow, Russia; Cessna 208B
  • Morning Star Air Express (FedEx) Flight 6080
    Winnipeg, Canada; Cessna 208B
  • TANS Peru Flight 204
    Pucallpa, Peru; Boeing 737
  • Helios Airways Flight 522
    Grammatikos, Greece; Boeing 737
  • Circuit City Corporate Jet
    Pueblo, Colorado; Cessna Citation 560
  • Salmon Air (UPS) Flight 1860
    Bellevue, Idaho; Cessna 208B
  • Lion Air Flight 538
    Solo City, Indonesia; MD-82
  • AmericanConnection Flight 5966
    Kirksville, Missouri; Jetstream 32
  • American Eagle Flight 5401
    San Juan, Puerto Rico; ATR-72
  • Royal Air Freight Flight 747
    Pittsfield, Massachusetts; Mitsubishi MU-2
  • Flash Airlines Flight 604
    Red Sea, Egypt; Boeing 737
  • FedEx Checkride Flight
    San Angelo, Texas; Cessna 208B
  • Planemasters Flight 1627
    Rockford, Illinois; Cessna 208B
  • China Airlines Flight 611
    Taiwan Straits, Taiwan; Boeing 747
  • Garuda Indonesia Flight 421
    Klaten, Indonesia; Boeing 737
  • American Airlines Flight 587
    Belle Harbor, New York; Airbus A300
  • Flightline Flight 101
    Mediterranean Sea; Fairchild Merlin IV
  • Great Lakes (United Express) Flight 6798
    Chicago, Illinois; Beech 1900D
  • Singapore Airlines Flight 006
    Taipei, Taiwan; Boeing 747
  • Emery Worldwide Airlines Flight 17
    Rancho Cordova, California; Douglas DC-8
  • Air Philippines Flight 541
    Samal Island, Philippines; Boeing 737
  • LAPA Flight 3142
    Buenos Aires, Argentina; Boeing 737
  • Swissair Flight 111
    Peggy’s Cove, Nova Scotia; MD-11
  • SilkAir Flight 185
    Palembang, Indonesia; Boeing 737
  • Austral Airlines Flight 152
    Fray Bentos, Uruguay; DC-9
  • Garuda Indonesia Flight 152
    Medan, Indonesia; Airbus A300
  • Fine Air Flight 101
    Miami, Florida; Douglas DC-8
  • TWA Flight 800
    Off Long Island, New York; Boeing 747
  • American Eagle Flight 4184
    Roselawn, Indiana; ATR-72
  • USAir Flight 427
    Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Boeing 737
  • United Airlines Flight 585
    Colorado Springs, Colorado; Boeing 737
  • United Airlines Flight 232
    Sioux City, Iowa; DC-10

If you, or someone you love, have been injured in an Air Cargo Aviation Accident and would like the attorneys at Nolan Law Group to review your case, please contact us.