Nolan Law Group Files Suit Against Cessna Caravan

In response to inquiries regarding the filing of the case Allan v. Cessna Aircraft Company, Nolan Law Group issues the following statement:

Cessna Lawsuit Alleges Fraud; Family Seeks $25 Million in Punitive Damages

Chicago, Illinois (October 6, 2006).-Nolan Law Group filed a lawsuit against Cessna and Goodrich on behalf of yet another family who has suffered human loss due to a crash of a Cessna Caravan airplane in icing conditions. The complaint was filed in the Southern District Court of New York alleging fraud, product liability, negligence and breach of warranty. The family is also seeking $25 million in punitive damages from Cessna for the loss of their mother, Nancy Chase Allan, an air cargo pilot for a FedEx feeder airline.

“This represents more than just one more accident,” says Donald J. Nolan of Chicago-based Nolan Law Group. “The fraudulent conduct alleged here relates to a breach of trust and confidence by Cessna. How can the owners and operators of these planes trust what Cessna is saying anymore?”

On October 6, 2005, the Cessna 208B, carrying cargo for FedEx Corp. crashed on railway tracks near a major downtown intersection in Winnipeg, Canada, killing the pilot. The Morning Star Air Express (Flight 8060) was completely destroyed upon impact.

The Canadian Transportation Safety Board (TSB) investigation of the accident is ongoing, but it has already cited in-flight airframe icing as a factor in this crash.

The Cessna Caravan is presently being marketed as a safe and secure aircraft for winter operations. A contention disputed by Nolan Law Group. “Innocent pilots and passengers are losing their lives while Cessna is continuing to promote this aircraft as safe and while icing accidents continue to occur, “offers Jerry Skinner, a Nolan Law Group attorney in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Nolan Law Group currently represents victims and families of victims from four separate accidents where Cessna Caravan planes have crashed (Illinois, Wisconsin, Texas and Idaho,) due to icing induced stalls. There is an undeniable pattern of design failure directly contributing to the growing number of people killed and injured in these crashes across the nation and the world. The recommendation of the NTSB for the FAA to take action related to safety of flight into icing conditions of the Cessna Caravan model airplane remains one of its “Most Wanted” items. In December 2004, the NTSB itemized 26 accidents of the Cessna Caravan in the previous 10 years related to icing.

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