Nolan Law Group Files Lawsuit Stemming From National Airlines Crash in Afghanistan

Nolan Law Group has filed a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the families of six crewmembers who died aboard National Airlines Flight 662 when it crashed into a mountain outside Kabul, Afghanistan on October 12, 2010.

The Lockheed Model L-100-20 (L-382E) airplane was operated under contracts with National Air Cargo, Inc. and Transafrik International Limited, among others, as National Airlines Flight 662, enroute from Bagram Air Base to Kabul International Airport.

In its Complaint, the Nolan Law Group alleged that National Air Cargo, Inc. and others were negligent and careless in procuring and providing an aircraft for use in commerce that was not airworthy or in a safe condition. It was likewise alleged that the said aircraft’s terrain avoidance warning system was inoperative, the autopilot was unserviceable and the traffic collision avoidance system was inoperative in flight, among others. Furthermore, the lawsuit included a claim against the entity providing the air traffic control services in the airspace near and around Kabul International Airport, for negligence and failure to provide the aircraft command with adequate warning and necessary instructions to keep a safe and proper separation between the aircraft and the surrounding terrain. This case is currently pending with the District Court of New York.

Earlier, Nolan Law Group has filed wrongful death claims on behalf families of victims who were killed in a Russian Mi-8 Hip helicopter under contract to NATO, which crashed in Kandahar Air Field in the Southern Afghanistan on July 19, 2009, killing 16 passengers and wounding five. The lawsuit was filed against the victims’ subcontracting employer who failed to exercise reasonable care and was negligent in ensuring that the chartering company whose services it procured was aware of the safety standards applicable to performance under the subcontract. This case was later settled by the parties.