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Thomas J. Ellis

Thomas J. Ellis

Tom Ellis has been working directly with Donald J. Nolan for more than 21 years. He analyzes complex transportation legislation and regulations issued from a variety of federal agencies, such as the National Transportation Safety Board, Federal Aviation Administration, Department of Transportation, Federal Railroad Administration and the newly created Transportation Security Administration.

As Nolan Law Group’s chief investigator into the causes of transportation disasters, his work supports that of the attorneys’ and is integral to preparation for trial. Mr. Ellis, working with Nolan Law Group’s aviation attorneys, consults with experts whose testimony, professional opinions and analysis are crucial to proving liability in a trial.

His work on behalf of families and survivors includes such air disasters as the hijacking of United Flight 175, American Flight 587, USAir Flight 427, TWA Flight 800, SwissAir Flight 111, EgyptAir Flight 990, Air Philippines Flight 541 and Singapore Airlines Flight SQ006.

Because of his experience in aviation and transportation litigation, he is often interviewed and quoted by major newspapers around the world and in the United States.